Child care educator playing with children in  outdoor sand pit at Milestones Cootamundra

Our People

We are very lucky at Milestones Early Learning Cootamundra because staff remain with us long term, allowing us to build strong, secure and nurturing relationships with the children, families and community. Our caring, fun and committed educators are passionate about early childhood and are dedicated to providing a safe environment for your child to play freely whilst learning and developing an appreciation of the world around them.

Meet our Centre Manager

Name: Jessica Lambert

Years in Childcare: 10

Qualifications: Diploma in Children's Services
What makes you passionate about working in childcare? As an educator my role is to model lifelong skills, that enables children to explore who they are and prepare them for their transition to school. This is such a rewarding experience, watching children grow as they achieve their goals. There is a unique feeling you have when reflecting on your day when you know you have made a positive difference in children’s lives. Each day is different and provides me with opportunities to express who I am (a big kid), where I provide various exciting and challenging experiences and join in on the FUN!
Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best child care? Here at Milestones Early Learning Centre Cootamundra we pride ourselves in the high quality care we provide for children and families of our community. Our educators are passionate and caring, who each bring knowledge and individual strengths that make our amazing team.  The longevity of our team can be seen through our educator and children relationships. Each child at Milestones is valued and treated equally. Where our educators provide exciting, fun and challenging learning experiences that enable children to grow as they prepare for their transition to school. 

Fun fact about you? Did you know that my passion for caring doesn't stop at children? I have a love for furry, feathered and scaly friends too. Owning small amount of acreage with my partner, where we have established a small hobby farm. Our most unique pets being our camels, Charlie and Coco Pops. Did you know camels are fascinating animals that love cuddles and kisses just as much as your cat or dog.

Meet our Assistant Centre Manager & Education Leader

Meet our Assistant Centre Manager & Education Leader

Name: Belinda Taylor

Years in Childcare: 11

Qualifications: Diploma in Children’s Services

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? Learning from a child’s perspective on how the world works is what I find makes me passionate about being an educator, we can learn so much from them and see things in various aspects in which we have never thought of before. I love watching children explore and develop their own personalities and expand on their social connections that can support them through to their adolescent years. 

What makes your centre different from others? Our team we have here at Milestones, everyone has their own unique personalities, warm hearts and work together as one to provide the highest standard of education to our children here at the centre.

How would you apply the national Quality Standards and EYLF for Educational Programming? The NQS and EYLF is embedded through our everyday practices such a routines, experiences, social connections, excursions etc. This is then placed onto our weekly programs where the NQS and EYLF is applied and then shared to our families. I share new and relevant information to my colleagues  through storypark, emails and staff meetings to ensure all educators are up to date with any recent changes or updates. I upload articles and documents to assist families in better understanding of  what education is being provided to their children and why its important.
Meet our Centre Third in Charge

Meet our Centre Third in Charge

Name: Tahlia Hotston

Years in Childcare: 7

Qualifications: Diploma in Children's Services

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? Every day is always a different adventure, watching the children learn, grow and develop is the most rewarding experience to have the privilege of being a part of. Watching the children thrive through positive interactions and happy relationships makes me proud to do what I do as well as Being apart of an amazing, supportive team of educators who share the same beliefs and views surrounding early childhood and collaborating daily to provide meaningful, engaging activities.

What makes your centre different from others? We have an amazing supportive team of educators who have mostly all been a part of the Milestones team for over 5 years, we all have a strong love for what we do and every day is full of fun and laughter. We all strive to provide the children with a nurturing, inclusive and loving environment to spend their childhood days enjoying.Our preparation to school begins in our Nursey and continues through their years with us until kindergarten. We continue to build a sense of belonging and identity as we connect with our community. We have established relationships with our local schools and provide opportunities for our children to engage within their community. Such as our weekly community walks, building relationships with our local services (police, fire and healthcare professionals) and much more through various excursions throughout the year. We offer a unique Bush Kindy experience in our Preschool program. Where the children connect with nature as they walk to Pioneer Park and spend the day there. Having a picnic lunch and using nature as their playground. Allowing children to assess and manage risks as they climb and play on different surfaces. Our Bush Kindy program promotes knowledge, understanding and respect for their natural environment.